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hasBooster(Player) - Static method in class com.andrei1058.vipfeatures.perks.Boosters
Check if a player has an active booster
hasBoosters() - Method in class com.andrei1058.vipfeatures.listeners.DragonBridgeManager
hasBoosters() - Method in class
Check if a minigame has boosters support
hasParticles(Player) - Static method in class com.andrei1058.vipfeatures.perks.Particles
Check if a player have particle preferences
hasSpells(Player) - Static method in class com.andrei1058.vipfeatures.perks.Spells
Check if a player have arrow spells preferences
hasTrails(Player) - Static method in class com.andrei1058.vipfeatures.perks.Trails
Check if a player have bow trails preferences
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